Why Your Wedding Vows are the Most Important Detail

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As you plan out all the details going into your wedding, I can not stress enough the importance of taking time for your vows. Really sit down and think about what you want to say. Not all of us are mushy people so it can be kind of hard putting your feelings into words but that’s okay! That’s why you need to take the time to write it, re-write, and do lots of thinking.

Scroll down below to read why your vows are the most important detail and why they should be handled with the utmost care!

Why Your Vows are the Most Important Detail


Not only do you want to share your deep feelings with your partner but maybe you want to share them with your loved ones too. Your family and friends may not know all the mushy details in your relationship so this would be your time to share! ‘To have and to hold’ or do people still say that? *Cue the thinking emoji*

But no really, listening to a piece of the couple’s love story is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding. And, if you are someone who is a little more on the shy side and doesn’t want to speak in front of tons of people. Consider doing private vows with your partner. It gives you an intimate moment together as you talk about your love and devotion to each other. Andddd… it also makes for a sweet photo op!



If you are someone like me who enjoys keeping sentimental items, your vows are one of those precious items you can have as a keepsake. You can keep them forever and look back on them one day. It’s a good reminder of why you got married and how much you both love each other. For this reason, getting a vow book to write your vows in is a great idea so it’s easy to store away!

Why Your Vows are the Most Important Detail


Truth be told, your wedding vows tell a lot about your intentions for your marriage.  It’s kind of a good way to see what to expect in your future together! So set good intentions for your marriage together and tell your partner how much you love them and how you’ll always be there for them.


Why Your Vows are the Most Important Detail

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