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Wow, friends, attending New York Bridal Fashion Week was an exhilarating experience filled with stunning new looks from various bridal dress designers. The week was a whirlwind of fashion shows, each showcasing unique styles and trends that will undoubtedly influence the bridal fashion industry in the coming year. Here, I’ll share the highlights of my experience, provide insights into the latest bridal trends, and offer tips on navigating this bustling event.

Excitement of New York Bridal Fashion Week

New York Bridal Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events in the bridal industry calendar. Designers from around the world gather to present their latest collections, and industry professionals, influencers, and brides-to-be attend to get a glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming wedding season. The atmosphere is electric, with each show offering a unique perspective on bridal fashion.

As with everything in life these days, social media and press coverage are a circus focused on the same goal: to capture everything. Being that this was my first experience at NYBFW I had no idea of the lightning speed at which photographers and content creators would be posting, sharing, sending, and publishing the day’s events. Not just their iPhone photos, but fully retouched and edited images were going up within moments of a show ending. It was insane!

Highlights of the Week

Diverse Bridal Styles

One of the most remarkable aspects of Bridal Fashion Week was the sheer diversity of styles on display. From classic and timeless gowns to modern and avant-garde designs, there was something to suit every bride’s taste.

Dropwaists: this is one of the biggest trends I saw across many shows. The high waisted silhouette with the swooshing skirt is still here but we have updated where our waistbands go.

Shorties: Reception dresses have made a big splash this season with most designers adding several to their staple lines. Everything from fun, flashy details to over the top floral statements.

Bows: Big bows, baby bows, and all those in between. The feminine touch of a sweet detail is coming back in a big way.

Running from Show to Show

The week was incredibly busy, with back-to-back shows spread across various venues in the city. Each event had its own vibe and dress code, making it a challenge to know how to dress appropriately. While some shows were more casual and relaxed, others were formal and high-end, requiring a quick change of attire in between.

I personally think that overdressing professionally is the way to go. Have a few sleek pant suits that are stretchy and sharp so you are comfortable but appear buttoned up to perfection. If you want to throw on an eye-catching detail like big earrings or a bold lip color, that’s a great way to still make a statement.

The weather was awful for our first two days, so remember to pack a rain jacket and a small umbrella. Also, make sure your camera bag is waterproof. New York won’t wait for you to dry off.

Tips for Attendees

If you’re planning to attend Bridal Fashion Week in the future, here are a few tips to help you navigate the event:

  • Plan Your Outfits: Bring a variety of outfits to suit different occasions. Think versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down with accessories.
  • Stay Organized: Keep a detailed schedule of shows and events. It’s easy to get overwhelmed! So, have a plan will help you stay on track, including mapping out your subway or Uber lifts!
  • Network: Take advantage of the networking opportunities. Fashion Week is a great time to connect with designers, fellow attendees, and industry professionals.

New York Bridal Fashion Week was an unforgettable experience filled with incredible fashion, non-stop excitement, and invaluable industry insights. The week highlighted the creativity and innovation in bridal design. It set the stage for the trends that will define the next wedding season. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a fashion enthusiast, or a professional in the industry, Bridal Fashion Week is an event that offers inspiration and excitement at every turn.

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