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Kelsey and Jake’s wedding at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) was a celebration of timeless glamour and modern elegance. As you can see, this luxury wedding was a perfect blend of sophistication and intimacy. Which, if you know anything about me is exactly what I love to photograph. After more than ten years in the wedding industry as a photographer, I’ve seen countless weddings that attempt to do what Kelsey and Jake absolutely nailed at their SAM wedding.

Sophisticated Elegance at a SAM Wedding

Opting for an elegant affair at the Seattle Art Museum, Kelsey and Jake aimed for a classic yet modern ambiance. Their “James Bond” theme met Kelsey’s vision of timeless glamour. And, the museum’s grandeur allowed even their black-tie affairs to be elevated, creating a stunning backdrop. Additionally, with a neutral black/white color palette complemented by greenery and white flowers, their wedding exuded refined luxury. Malea from A. Renee Weddings helped plan, design and coordinate the day to perfection. Iris and Fig were in charge of accenting the modern design with florals that accented but didn’t overwhelm the natural beauty of the space.

Intimate Moments and Private Vows

As their photographer, I captured the intimate and thoughtful moments starting from the getting-ready phase at the Alexis Hotel. The couple chose Post Alley for their first look, where they exchanged private vows, creating an emotional experience. Count this as a wedding tip for couples wanting to share personal sentiments without the spotlight of the ceremony! Nothing is set in stone for your wedding day, you get decide how it goes! First Person Pictures was the videographer that helped to capture this moment in time.

Artistic Portraits Amidst the SAM Galleries

The artistic essence of their wedding continued with portraits taken within the museum’s galleries. Surrounded by stunning art, we crafted statement shots that beautifully juxtaposed the couple with the artistic masterpieces. Of course, the result was an artistic fusion that added a unique dimension to their wedding album.

This Seattle Art Museum wedding not only celebrated the union of two souls but also showcased the beauty of merging art and love. For couples planning their special day, consider the allure of an art-inspired celebration at SAM—a fusion of elegance, intimacy, and artistic grandeur.

If you’re planning a wedding at the SAM, and want an experienced photographer, let’s connect.

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