A Romantic Italian Wedding at Villa Catignano | Ethan and Stephanie


As a wedding photographer, I have been blessed to capture some of the most stunning celebrations in the world, and Ethan and Stephanie’s wedding in Siena was no exception. Getting to experience wedding photography in Italy?? It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

It all started in Cabo.

This amazing journey began when we first met at Ethan’s sister’s wedding in Cabo in 2019, where I was the photographer. They had already booked another photography team for their wedding in Italy, but after seeing my gallery from Shelby’s wedding, they asked me to be their photographer, which was crazy!!  As we arrived in Florence, my second shooter, Syndey, and I were greeted with warmth and kindness by both the French and Spanic families, who had postponed their wedding several times due to the pandemic. We met in a small villa and enjoyed dinner and many hugs. From the moment we arrived, it was clear that family was at the heart of this entire week-long adventure in Siena. One of the most notable aspects of this celebration was how welcoming, generous, and kind everyone was. The French family quickly adopted Sydney and me, and Ethan’s mother even sent me cookies and a baby gift. How am I blessed with these people?! Seeing Ethan and Stephanie’s connection to each person who came was heartwarming. Stephanie’s grandmother, Nonna, was such a character, and I enjoyed capturing small moments of them together.

Preparation for the big day

 As we prepared for the wedding day, Sydney and I scouted locations in Siena’s city center to find an easy path for photo opportunities with our limited time on the wedding day. The day of the wedding, we shot for an insane 16 hours while I was 17 weeks pregnant. Italian time is much like island time, sometimes people are just on their schedule, but we managed to capture everything on time. We shot nearly 17,000 images, but of course, we only delivered the best of the best. I also shot several rolls of film and really enjoyed the slow process of framing and taking each shot intentionally. Sadly, one roll didn’t come out, but that’s why we always start with digital and then add film for fun. Not a single key shot was missing. One of my favorite memories was editing Stephanie’s first 50 images the morning after and sitting with her as she viewed them for the first time. Then again when she showed Ethan, and then once more when Stephanie showed her father. It was rare to be there in the moment and see people’s reactions. It’s also terrifying because you hope they love your work.

An experience to remember

 Stephanie’s testimonial on The Knot was the cherry on top of a perfect day. She raved about my energy, assertiveness, and ability to organize all the special photos she requested. Photography was very important to her for her wedding, and I was glad I could deliver. Her photos are art, and I’m thrilled to see them clutter her walls. Working with clients like Ethan and Stephanie, who value their people, value my work, and have a heart behind every single thing, is what sets my soul on fire. It’s not work for me when there is heart behind every single thing. The vendor team led by Lusso Events was top-notch, and I really hope to travel back and work with them again.
I am grateful to have been a part of Ethan and Stephanie’s special day as their Italian wedding photographer. Weddings like this truly set my soul on fire. People who value me as a person and appreciate my art push me to be my best for them! The love, warmth, and kindness of the French and Spanish families made the celebration even more special. It was an honor to capture their beautiful memories and create stunning art that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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