Washington Ferry Boat Engagement Session


Tiffany and Reed, hailing from the East Coast, had a fleeting visit to Washington. With just a day on hand, we embarked on planning their Pacific Northwest engagement session on the ferries. Rain or shine, I was determined to create an unforgettable experience for them. The unique circumstances of their one-day visit, including unpredictable weather and limited time for location scouting, posed several challenges. However, I was ready to tackle them head-on, and still create a memorable, beautiful shoot. Tiffany wanted a Washington ferry engagement session, and I was determined to give her the best experience!

Planning a Washington Ferry Engagement Session

One of the most enjoyable aspects of engagement shoot planning is the collaborative process. I love working on a mood board, whether it’s with or without client input. This not only serves as a guide for the shoot but also helps us all understand the desired vibe. Tiffany had specific shots in mind for the session, and I was determined not to miss those opportunities. Together, we crafted a mood board that reflected her vision and set the tone for the shoot. This collaborative effort ensures that your unique vision is brought to life in the most beautiful way.

Shooting on my GFX

To say I love my GFX is an understatement. The colors it gives me and the stunning images are worth slowing down and being more intentional. On wedding days, there often is less time to slow down since it’s a live event, but for engagement sessions, even those on a ferry, I get enough time to truly create each image and know what I want to capture. The unique aspect of working on my GFX is the lens that I use. It’s the 65mm Miticon lens that drops down to a f1.4. This lens isn’t meant to give tack-sharp images like a regular DSLR would, but rather give more of a film look to the digital images. The softness of the lens, coupled with the gray skies, lent itself perfectly to a nostalgic film vibe.

Cozy Vibes on Washington State Ferry Engagement

In true Seattle fashion, the weather did what it wanted for Tiffany and Reed’s engagement session on the ferry. But, like all Seattle photographers, I leaned into the cozy vibes of the clouds. We made sure not only to capture them cuddling up in the window seat of the ferry but also to capture epic shots throughout the ship, get the cityscape in the background, and romantic images with the water. The ‘cozy vibes’ were further enhanced by the soft lighting and their natural interactions. There is no lack of diversity in settings in Seattle and surrounding areas. We can make all your engagement dreams come true from nature to city.

No matter what you’re looking for with your engagement session, I always aim to make it exactly what you want. We can plan together with a mood board and shot list, where we discuss your preferences and ideas and create a visual guide for the shoot. Alternatively, we can walk through the city at dusk and play things by ear, capturing spontaneous and natural moments. Whichever approach we take, we’ll make your engagement session an experience to remember and cherish.

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