Romantic Smith Tower Engagement Session


Ivana and Chris hired me as their engagement photographer as they’re still narrowing down the wedding details. Their purpose for the photos was so clear! They wanted the images to be unique and to show their love in a classy and timeless way. We decided to take the pictures at Seattle’s famous Smith Tower, which was such a cool experience! You have to book a time, but then get your own escort! It elevated the whole shoot and resulted in a stunning engagement session.

Setting the Scene: Smith Tower

Standing tall as a symbol of Seattle’s rich history and architectural grandeur, Smith Tower provided the perfect backdrop for Ivana and Chris’s engagement shoot. With its historic charm and panoramic cityscape views, this iconic landmark offered a captivating setting for their love story to unfold.

I loved not only shooting against the outside of the building, which lent itself to nostalgia and romantic city vibes, but having the opportunity to incorporate the gold elevator details and intimate bar setting made the engagement shoot so unique.

Intentional Moments and Elevated Experience

Like I mentioned, we had to coordinate with the Smith Tower for this engagement shoot, but it made the experience completely seamless and felt like our own private tour. More than just posed photos, I really wanted to help Ivana and Chris have a full experience for their engagement shoot. Which is why we incorporated a romantic and fun session at the bar. It lent itself to more candid photographs that capture who Ivana and Chris are as a couple.

Stylizing a Photo Shoot

There are ways to stylize an engagement session without making it feel forced! From choosing poses that are more action-oriented, helping you engage with your partner, or participating in a natural scene like going to get drinks at a bar, all these and more contribute to how you feel in the moment and the photos that come from it.

Sipping on artisanal cocktails and sharing intimate conversations, Ivana and Chris embraced the opportunity to create memories rather than just photos. I feel like all the photos we got at their engagement session showcase just how romantic and refined they are as a couple.

Ivana and Chris’s engagement shoot at Smith Tower was more than just a photo session—it was a celebration of their love story and a testament to their commitment to each other. By embracing intentionality and elevating every aspect of their shoot, they created a timeless collection of photos that captured the essence of their relationship in an elevated and refined way.

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