Simply Elegant JM Cellars Wedding


JM Cellars, a renowned wine maker with a tasting room in Woodinville, WA, is not only a labor of family love but also a picturesque venue for various events, including intimate weddings and rehearsal dinners. As am experienced JM Cellars wedding photographer, I recently had the pleasure of capturing the love story of a beautiful couple against the backdrop of this romantic setting.

The Story of my Couple

The journey of this couple began in Schenectady, NY, where they crossed paths while working with GE. Four years later, fate intervened when he reached out to her on LinkedIn ahead of interviewing with companies in the Seattle area. A date during his apartment hunt in Bellevue marked the beginning of their love story. Emily admires Michael’s ability to make her laugh, while Michael cherishes Emily’s thoughtfulness. Together, they have embarked on countless adventures, exploring places like Banff, Oregon, Boston, and Mexico, sharing a love for travel and new experiences.

The wedding day was nothing short of magical, and I am excited to share its highlights. The entire celebration, from the iconic, giant iron door surrounded by vines to the enchanting barrel room, was a testament to the couple’s unique love story. This special day is even set to be featured in Washington Wedding Day, a tribute to the couple and the meticulous planning that went into every detail.

Outstanding Vendors

One aspect that stood out was the collaboration with Cottrell & Co Events for seamless planning as well as design, and Anthera Floral for stunning florals. Every detail contributed to the overall beauty of the day. I take particular pride in the romantic vibe captured on film, adding an extra layer of emotion to the memories.

Highlights of the Day at JM Cellars

During the celebration, the couple opted for a unique reception setting on the patio, a departure from the more common choice of the barrel room. This decision provided an opportunity for photos from elevated angles, capturing the essence of the day. See if you can spot them! Additionally, a champagne tower with coup glasses added a touch of fun and elegance to the affair.

The guests, dressed to impress, created a captivating atmosphere that complemented the simply elegant theme of the day. It was a celebration of love and good taste! Not to mention, filled with laughter, thoughtful moments, and the joy of being surrounded by friends and family.

This JM Cellars wedding was a great experience, capturing such a great couple and all their people. From the charming intimate vineyard setting to the unique details, it was such a classic event. For those seeking the perfect backdrop for their special day, JM Cellars provides an enchanting setting!

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